We are a young team of passionate “Builders” who work hard yet smart to build awesome WordPress products. Started in 2006 with our firsthand wordpress theme, we quickly improve ourselves through different products in term of design and features to meet our customers’ expectation and satisfaction. Consisting different skill sets from technical to business, we can ensure you that not only the best products but also the best service that we are providing.

Our Staff

Juan Pablo Durán

Founding partner of 3nodos and in charge of business relationships of the company. Photographer by profession, heart designer and long time dedicated to dealing with internet technologies. “Managing the relationship with the customer makes me the visible face of 3nodos, but nothing would work without the rest of the team, which I am proud of”

Nancy Hellmann

Graphic Designer from Buenos Aires University, founding partner of 3nodos and in charge of the Design department. Her real challenge relies in analyzing each client communication requirement, listening their thoughts and putting everything together in a clear and aesthetically pleasing message. “Thanks to Pablo and JP I learned to communicate better with the programming sectors and thus to be part of a team that works with steady pace and in the same direction”.

Pablo Castillo
Tech Development

He is a soul developer and has crossed past lives like Linux /. BSD Sysadmin, DBA and people say he even was a Technology Manager (although he denies it). He enjoys creating projects with WordPress and have fun programming in Python and Django. He loves to read, travel and dream next to his two loves: Agustina and Vero. A few years ago he got tired of being a more salaried employee and associated with 3nodos where he is responsible for the area of ​​tech development.

Vero Giovagnetti
Tech Development

Developer and fundamental part of the agency. “A while ago my life changed happily and I started to participate in the development of 3nodos, sharing new challenges with the large group of people that is part of this company”.”I am passionate about traveling, southern Argentina is my place in the world.”